Faint trembles, breaking

Sinister shadow, drown blood
Last trip
Down darkforged paths
Wait, turn
Light spreads tendrils on glass
Cast light becomes sift
Rain slips through cracks
Wounds weep
Poisonous streams
Dark river untouched
Breathe free
echo quiets
Last murmur before waking
Calm depths
Soft touch
And a kiss pursed
Bitter, shivering, cold
Eyes pour warm
Last embrace, tears, and a empty

Meet me in the midnight sky

Meet me in the midnight sky
My love
My light
My heart
Dance with joy and kisses

Oh dancer of the midnight sky
Oh kiss, oh love
This absence tracks salt and wet

Once mortal, once get
Smile gently
I cannot, will not forget

When I was blind
It was you
When I was scared
It was you
When I was lost
It was you

It has always been you.
Some journeys are merely longer than others

What a step on the road may herald

What words do I speak when all words turn about and about to face towards you
like power lines running beneath the surface carrying me forwards
Dying on the vine for the sound of a voice
But choose and choose again,
You are no passing indulgence or forward desire but vital to all
Just a pill and a show and a soul laid bare
Found alive, at the start, at the end
Of long journeys beginning

Enter the fray

I’m having this problem where I can’t write because I’m happy. An envious problem to have but it makes all this noise just a bit harder to pull to signifier. Because the well of black feeling erases under the thought of you. And plans for the long term slam into place like bank vaults but it’ll be a minute before they’ll open. No swift thing, no arrow, no soon over thing. Instead a juggernaut just getting started, focused on an us. But still, my words spill out, only into your ears and not for the wide. I’d sing you aloud and scream to the sky. Reminding the deep blue of times gone by when they were dust and stars together and they were being fed up with the dawn. We are bound and bound by choose and choice and the hard truth a hand in hand, facing a future side by side

The unbearable weight of knowing

This calm after storm
Broken response leads to feast of life
Halted for empty
A frenzy of connection
A fantasy
This shifting earth falls away
The smell of death
On swift ozone wings
The shift begs permission
Awaits the will to act
Fear and hopeless
Wage war in the heart
Last fade before
Snuffed light

A blade needs a battle

I’m a prize fighter bent on destruction
Last prize in a fight I’ve been fighting my whole life
Fight for a soul to be happy
But not my own
That may be beyond my power
But this I can do
Always in your corner
Looking for your joy
Might not be with me
But it doesn’t matter
Some wars must be fought
For the ones in our hearts