Plaque colored choices

His screams surface
Feather kisses escaping as quiet words
Giving up on the things he loves
All this time
Left to contemplate the infinite
Looking into the abyss
Too close to the precipice
Feet slipping towards the edge
Remembrances of what was
As the new slips into place
Builds a fresh despair
Living without hope of joy
Giving up
When perceived obsession gives way
And all that was
Is destroyed
Rather than keep
These last minutes
Of life
Contemplating a future
Without a tomorrow

Binary solution set

People forget
They forget what I’ve said
They forget their promises
They forget what they’ve asked of me
What luxury
To live in a world of forget
What decadence
To discard one set of rules for another
It must be nice
To determine that one code no longer works
And to choose another
More convenience than I am capable of
Maybe that is for the best

Musings on a midnight clear

Do I sound like the recording of my voice?
Is that me?
Am I the man in the electronics?
I can never tell
Sometimes voice is deep and gravelly
Sometimes lighter
Full of winsome
Which is real
Or is it between
Is my voice what I hear it as?
Or what you hear it digitally reproduced as?
Are we both hearing something different?
I never thought of my voice as attractive until someone said it was.
Changing my perspective
Never having perceived it as anything
That makes me think
Maybe I’m wrong about other things too
I wonder what they are
And how I will change in the future

Is this creepy?

Just drinking my feelings away
Can’t find a way to make anyone want to stay
Maybe I’m just bad at choices
Maybe I needs to accept the losses
I fall in love far too easy
Or maybe that’s just how it seems
I wait
I watch
I learn
Maybe we weren’t talking
But I was seeing
By the time I made the approach
I was a few steps away from falling
So maybe it seems I’m love bombing
But every person I’ve loved is the culmination
Of steps I’ve taken