Crystalline disappearance in the first rays of dawn

Bitter ache slips down veins into bone
Dull burn on tip of tongue
Speech crashes
Silent breaks as frost
Capillaries widen
Panic or heartbreaking
Slow catching of breath
Split between hoping for one or the other
Begins the endings
And rusted wounds
Weep iron shavings
Last memories fading

Horse dream

I was visiting a stable. My friend L was running it. A lifelong dream of hers and another of my friends, A, was her vet. One of horses was old and sick. It was in constant pain. It was 5 foot 6 at the shoulder, mottled black and brown coloring with a white lopsided star shape on its head. The vet had provided a drug cocktail to allow the animal to pass in peace, free from pain and lucid. But L couldn’t do it. She left the horse barn in tears. I was there with another friend of mine. We were observers only. I was about to go after L when I woke up to a heart racing panic attack. Great… My dreams are giving me panic attacks.