Brief rant on miscommunication as trope

Why is it that the miscommunication trope in every damn comedy, romantic or otherwise, is seen as funny? As if most people are not just as un observant and would not havr similar issues.

Instead we are asked to laugh at these poor fools who make assumption after assumption. It infuriates me. Especially when it’s romantic in nature. What exactly is so hard about being honest? Just ask the question!! A moment, perhaps, of looking foolish will solve hours and days of being uncertain.

Are we so self conscious that we can’t bear to seem less than in total control? I’ll tell you right now that being in total control means acknowledging when you have incomplete information and persuing knowledge to fill in those blanks. Ego is worthless in such an endeavor.

Are we so scared of looking weak that we would rather bumble around waiting for someone to provide us with the exact information we need?
Unless, you are in a situation where you must pretend to knowledge you don’t have, keeping silent isn’t going to help.

You may need to be selective in who you ask. But on a romantic context, of you can’t ask your partner then you have larger issues of which miscommunication plays only a part of.

Shattered glass memories

Down on my luck
Nub burned down to charcoal
Sleeping my life away
When I’m not pushing to stay awake for as long as possible
A punishment for a happiness
Brain reeling
Why punish myself
What’d I do to deserve it
Just depression
Pulling at the boundaries
Eating away at the edges
Where I’m more vulnerable
Internal battlefields less sown with defences
Not defenceless
There’s fences
But keeping me in
Not it out
I’m trapped in here with it
Which of us the victor
When we’re both bleeding out

The bow, the arrow, and a little death

Drift slow turn
Air passes against
Caress glides
Nerve ends fire
River rush
Pulse against tongue
Mingle scent
Nothing betwixt
Rythym syncs
Tides turn
Silk and heat
Low growl
Slow ache
Unquenched flame
Spilling out
Building higher
Snap catch
Nuclear fire
Twin suns
Never parted
One passion feeds
Another grows
In eternal shift
Nothing remains
But you

Stands the knife

Give me a stick
I’ll light it on fire
Give me a note
And I’ll take it higher
One step to the right
Marks you the liar
Each moment we fight
We get stuck in the mire

I’ll give you minute
An hour
A day

Break out of this mold
And start this desire
We’re more than we’re told
And all the poets retire

Planting false flags
They lead us astray
Can’t make us back down
So we fall away

A bullet to the head
One voice silenced today
Another rise up
You aren’t getting your way

Fuck this reality you’ve made
We’re burning it down
I’ve got the match
We’re heading downtown

Eyes failing, desperate struggle, one more minute

Closed eyes
It all rushes past
That calm anchor
Watching as the real flows in small streams
Each strand making the river
Each moments tumult
Paint splatter cascades down
Around the hollow
Each minute a new reality
Past broken down
Just this sound
Tongue twist
Gurgle and burble
Faster and faster
Until all that’s different
Is that steady hush
Ever present
Over the long silence

Cold lives in the bones and reaches deep to the beginning

Some days I just feel so old
Ancient beyond all reckoning
Thoughts moving in patterns
So slow
So foreign to what is
I feel so lost
So alone
Trapped by memories
By actions long past
By choices made
Made without regret
But without full regard to the consequences
Consequences I long know the result of
Time ebbs on
And I am as trapped as any
Just a bit more free
Free to know
Free to mourn
Free to weep
For deeds
For thoughts and actions
Few will ever know
And fewer understand
And fewer still
Who could accept

How I Brain

I suffer from a malady called situational logic.
Meaning that while prior actions or states may inform present actions or states, I don’t act or think as if those prior actions or states are a fiat accompli. Meaning that each situation must be weighed and judged, and then action taken based on the necessity of the moment. Though, if time permits, with an eye towards the future.

I know it may sound like how everyone acts. But do you? If someone has wronged you in the past are you thinking that they will act in the same way and avoid the encounter or act with hostility?

Because, I don’t. I account for the possible betrayal and color my actions to make use of both past data and current information. Then I take the action that I think will most mitigate the possibility of betrayal coupled with the most beneficial path forward. Even if that means working with that person as if nothing happened in the past.

And what does that mean when making judgments based on larger entities? It means that while I see the larger actions as a body, that individual actions must be assessed and acted upon by information on the individual level while being aware of the possible consequences of the individual actions.

Meaning that my method is based in logic but heavily reliant on intuition for live situations. “Intuition being the ability to discern fact from the vapor of nuance.” paraphrase (Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash)