How my dream ended

I walk up to a table at some kind of gala. I sit down and look at the sad young lady sitting alone. She’s beautiful. I could describe her, but all women I find beautiful are pretty in their own unique way. Suffice to say she was stunning. I say “hello, would you like to spend tonight with me? I have had a bad run of it and I don’t want to be alone tonight. Just be with me.”

She asks, “I’m not going to be your vacation fling.” she says it with an unturned lilt. Questioning and almost timid.

I smile crookedly and say “Not if you don’t want to be. Let us have this night. And in the morning if you want to leave you can, but I would much rather you stay.”

We sit drinking champaign. Small sips. There is a small orchestra sitting around. Like they know now one is dancing so why play when no one will listen.

I stand and hold out my hand, “Would you like to dance?”

She says, “but they aren’t playing any music.”

I say, “They will.”

And we dance.
The song we danced to:

Anger opens the door

I have defied gods and danced with devil’s
Drunk from the twin chalices of life and death
I have borne a blade into battle and shed blood
Watched friends rise and lovers fall
I have been darkness, been light, been shadow
I have see things history has forgotten and done things that would break your mind to know.

And you stand here trying to manipulate me. I am no mere child nor am I love struck. The niceties, the flow of words, the touch, the giving of time, these are the things I enjoy whilst in the throws of love and relationship. But when I wake? When the web of relationship no longer holds me? I am the other face. The cold face. I am the night given form, sharp, deep and full of hidden dangers. Manipulate me? You are a fool.

Last moments before sleep

Slip aching into away
silent shift
the dreamer burns
the flame
dictate of bloody vessel
stripped of all but lips
sheltered in my arms
dance falter step
but drink in
bobbing black or flame cascade
subtle kiss to push over
choices undone
oh hold for touch
all blooms grow
stop choosing not
in the graveyard of sleep

Wake up

I don’t understand those who allow there lives to interfere with their love’s. Those who don’t spare the time to demonstrate or tell their love’s how beautiful, how precious they are. Why they allow the special state of having someone in their life become something that they take for granted.

Listen to them. Plan little things. Give little things just because. Make your life a celebration. Don’t take out your bad day on them. Be conscious of your actions and choices.

Believe me, it can all be gone in an instant. Everything you meant to do or say, do it now. Say it now. Tomorrow is an illusion. Each day is today.

If you are lucky enough to be with someone you love and, hopefully, like then demonstrate it. Don’t ask if they want help, just help. Be there in the moment with them.

This is the time to wake up. So, WAKE UP.