Only truth, always truth

I provide certainty
Because I am certain

I provide commands
Because through order
You are safe

I provide discipline
Because through punishment
Are sins expiated

These are the things that people see
But, while important, these things are merely surface
They are the barest glimpse of what we are

You are mine
I am yours
Always by your side
A whisper in your ear
A kiss on your lips
A conversation
A song
Every word a truth

I wake to thoughts of you
I sleep to thoughts of you
Every step is a step forward
To you

Trembling hand reaches forth

What hope in silence
In deep quiet of the early hours
Hopes and truths
Whirl point to counterpoint
All come round
To too silent reverie
And salt trails betraying
A heart too full to break

Make peace in silence
When choice and time
Makes decision and endeavor
In collusion bound
Hand and hand
Round voices raised
In absolution

Worth more than pain
But ground down
By disappointments
In stillness
Still awaiting word

Sentinel, whose tears dry
And make flesh tight
Drying passage marking place
Accept and know
An oath, once given, cannot be rescinded

So, in acceptance, stand
In the deep heart of mourning

Singular Focus

A slip in the mind
Thin stiletto shade
breaks from bound energy
To boundless control

Builds internal cities
Palaces for you to wander down
Each step building to crescendo future

Wake safe in my violence
Darkness in gentle war with light
Pain builds pleasure

Dear girl
Dear goddess
Dear pains fruitful kiss

Held in memory
In heart
In shattered hands

Slipping into steel blessed mind
Buried between
One breath

Reveille call

The fact of the matter is
That I’m a shitty defensive fighter
But take what you want today
You’ll pay with your life tomorrow

My skills in the moment are less than stellar
Give me a minute to plan
And your world will burn
I’ve been called a dark angel
And that may be for I’ve certainly fallen

They say that it’s all in the wolf you feed
Anger or peace
But instead make of them friends
And control their leash

I’ve no hair trigger to unleash on command
But give me a day
And let cold suffuse all
I’ll hunt to the ends of the earth
And bright angels will weep
At the sight of your fall

My rightful prey

Mark my passage by firelight
Soft footsteps in the shallow dark
Near you, always near you
Barriers fall in blood wave rivulets
Marred surface married to perfect heart
Presence felt as pressure
Soft leather binds
Flickering light casts shadows
Twist, attempts to flight, impossible
Heat pounds past glowing coals
Sharp lash and line of fire
Fear runs down to the mind
Safe in the knowledge of my love

Faint trembles, breaking

Sinister shadow, drown blood
Last trip
Down darkforged paths
Wait, turn
Light spreads tendrils on glass
Cast light becomes sift
Rain slips through cracks
Wounds weep
Poisonous streams
Dark river untouched
Breathe free
echo quiets
Last murmur before waking
Calm depths
Soft touch
And a kiss pursed
Bitter, shivering, cold
Eyes pour warm
Last embrace, tears, and a empty