When a storm wakes

Warm flush crimson
Fingertips dance a pattern of
Soon, soon
Laying safe in my arms
Pressing warm lips in tentative
Give way to the push of closer need
Actinic fire crashes
Distant and still
So close
No competition for the fission of fire
Tracing its way through my veins
Last part
And the fading taste of amaretto

Fierce kittens, Claws and snuggle

She sits miles away from my touch
Though I see her smile
Hear her infectious laugh
A chortle combined with giggle
Melts me
Smiles erupt across my face
Approach to stand so close
Feel our mingled body heat
But a touch in this place
Must be surreptitious
My ache grows
Day by day
Even a simple brushing of the fingertips
I understand those upper class Victorian novels now
That pent up frustration of a held hand
Have I met you you say in bravado
Smoldering, I respond, I don’t know
Have I?
More and more each day I think
Endless delight
Even in the drop of parting

Definitely needed more sleep

At 2 am I question my value as a person
There’s no poetry in that
Just a desperate attempt to understand
Not even trying to convince myself I’m not
Just wondering why, if I’m valued, I’m also discarded
Say that I’m better than this but really
If I am
Why is the result the same
I can’t even blame depression brain
Because I’m not depressed
I don’t understand
If I’m so great
Deserve to be happy
Am worthy of love
Then why am I sitting alone in my bed at 2am
Wondering why
Maybe I’m not good at people
Maybe my hearts too weird to love
I don’t know
And not knowing is worse
If I knew and had done everything I could
That would be different
But I kinda don’t want to know
Cause maybe it’s just who I am

That Texan drawl

Want that slow sensual burn

To crawl inside your mind

Run my skin over your thoughts

Feel your needs and desires

Granting each in turn

Denying each at my whim

There is no rush

Not looking for the sharp pulse of orgasm

Burn me alive in the feel of your skin

Talk to me about telomeres as I taste your sweat

Quench my control and lead me into frenzy


Her sad eyes watch me

Radical revision, straight to the limits, right to the end
Begins a thought discarded
A beat without measure
Wondering where pleasure
But finding only wait
One minute to my ending
I’m always forgetting the frame of the
Harmony without her or me
Rewrite the ending and start it anew
No hope in despair
But in desperation a lightning storm
Darkness reveals what the light is hiding
Infinite stars and possible futures
Day only masks its forgiveness
Night gives its all and we cry out
Anguish from its gifts
Day is so easy when nothing is simply
Kiss me and tell
Numbed by slinking
Not my style to hide
Rather make it all clear
But shadows are not unknown
They once were my home
I can play this game
And not lose myself
Their disloyalty is not relevant to my honor
But obligations are another matter
I work unimpaired but you’ll never see it
Herculean so difficult
Long periods of dull punctuated by brief frenzy
And in the end its just a paycheck and the place where I see a Kat
Inclined to write lines and stay up past bedtime
It’s really too late
An hour of sleep ain’t enough
My eyes my flit in too tired fit
But sleep and me are just friends
We don’t see each other each day
But embrace when we meet again