Song of the day: Collected

This is a playlist comprised of the Song of the Day
Unfortunately, I was unable to find all of the songs on Spotify.  The Thought here is that I will add the new song of the Day to the Playlist;  There are actually 112 songs but you would need to open it in the app to see them. Also, it cannot be opened in the wordpress app, bummer I know

My truck runs but my heart is broken

My heart says, I love you, but I know that’s bad
I know that, you’d argue,
but those times have fade-ed

Our silence rains heavy
Our Eyes fill with tears
It seems like, how are you, is all that we have

I posted a picture,
I knew that you’d laugh
These Facebook emojis are all that we have

Our silence looms heavy
O’er words that were said
In binding agreement, there’s no knot to be read

I sing in my sorrow
I sing like a beast
My wound seem all shallow
But did cut deep

I’m dying from sorrow
I’m dying to fade
Last words that echo
As you fade away

It seems like tomorrow is too far away
It feels like I love you
But nothing to say
Only how are?
I hope that you stay.

Song of the Day: Not what you think edition

I listen to many songs that are arguably very sad and, perhaps, completely depressing. One of my favorite bands is Bella Morte (beautiful death) and they sing almost exclusively about the pain of living and death.
But this, this is the most depressing song I’ve ever heard. Because in my time I have lived and loved and lost. And while losing someone you love for any reason whether it was death, distance, divergent desires, or misconception, hurts; that isn’t the worst pain you can feel.
The worst pain you can feel is hope. Seems crazy but hear me out. Hope can be a wonderful thing. But misplaced hope is destruction. It eats its way through everything you are until you are left riddled with holes filled with pain.

So, the most depressing song, for reals: