Random string of sounds

This is a stream of consciousness song. And while I mention just friends, I don’t mean friendzoned even though I know many people’s minds go there; it’s more that I have all of these people whom I love, who maybe love me. And still, I feel alone. It’s like without the romantic connection, I can’t take that leap without first having this place to belong in romantic love.  I don’t know why that is. and so, I’m always looking

Seeing the dance, body unable, mind knows the steps

Urgency stretches out
Taffy pulled
Lapse slow into crouch
Sway back reaching for hands just out of reach
Leap and swirl frenetic grace
Fall prone
Hands explore exposure
Ankles lifting
Marionette rising to feet
Hands flash across torso
Eyes drawing to the flutter of fingers
Fall to knees
Pound against stone
Release from this imprisonment of flesh
Fire sway looking into heart flame
Hands climbing ladders
Legs unmoving
Slowly fading hearts beating
Slower and slower
Slow rise inch by inch
Beat back the night
Step reaching
Leap and swirl
Eyes meeting across stage waiting for that moment when
Inevitable stop
Facing each other
Push spin away
Rushing of others lost in the frenzy of flesh
Looking for the lost pieces
Torn across time
Until all is empty