Heat mirage shows the truth

Give me a few minutes of silence
A few to soak the skin tightening heat
Deep into my blood
Just a few minutes
Without the man made distraction

Give me empty roads
Eyes heavy
Deep bone fatigue

A few minutes to connect
To a world lost in the indoor comfort
In the indulgent cold of the AC

Just a few seconds
To feel the sear
And revel in the pain
The joy and exultation
Of a body realizing
It is alive

Book Hangover: Eric Ugland: The Good Guys series

I have been in book hangover mode for the last 4 days due to reading a book series by Eric Ugland. It’s The Good Guys series and I’m on book 10.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series and I find it a shame that the author seems to be publishing these without a publishing house backing him. They are excellent and fully deserve the wider reach a publishing house can give.

But like many off genre books, they can’t seem to find a home.

Yes, it’s gamelit. A particular genre which typically involves someone being transported for Earth directly to a different world. In some cases, this is via a brain upload into an AI controlled world or via ultra advanced VR. In this case, it is magic. Our protagonist takes a one time only, last minute, get out of a dire situation leap of faith and ends up in a new world. One where character sheets and levels are accepted reality.

This particular series is addictive and well written. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a new genre to get lost in.

Start reading it for free: https://a.co/9OeTmsK

Child of the storm wakes to the dawn

I love rain.
Not that light rain, not that misty drizzle
That steady storm rain
The rain that lasts all day and all night
The bone deep rain
Seeping into the dried cracks in my soul
Bringing life back to pieces long dormant
That storm full of old friends
Of thundercrack
Of wind caressing the roof
That steady beat of drop upon drop
Sounds of nature that is like nowhere else
That desert storm
That soothe ache wonder
That place called home

Thoughts hazy pulled from a dream

If you died tomorrow, what would you miss? What are the top 10, top 20, top whatever? Before it devolves into food you like, what would you miss? Without social or societal obligation, what is important to you? Because, I can almost guarantee it’s not work. With the exception of a few of us, work holds no more significance than a(hopefully) nonawful way to make enough money to live. Is it family? Is it your lover’s smile? Will you miss music? Your cat? What is really important to you? Where should your focus be while you are alive? Where are your priorities and are you spending the time needed on them? Are your goals iin the bone or are they fleeting priorities of the flesh and blood life you are forced to live? What are we doing here?

A moment of silence please

Give me that fabled simpler time
Where I was yours
And you were mine
That picture painted with a false bottom
That overpaint of an overpaint
That lie we say so often it becomes truth

Give me that yesterday when all was harmony
When all people were united
When the feeling on your neck
Was the arm of a friend
And not the heavy boot of thuggery
That false remembrance which they say is possible
If only we’d be quiet
Be silent
Be closeted
Tell all the lies of the heart
They were forced to
It could be grand

Give me that hopeful tomorrow
Where retirement is real
Where lips pressed to mine
Where our world is not aflame
And the vocal few don’t drown out the cut tongue majority

Give me none of those things
All I want is a harsh truth
All I want is a plan with some spine
All I want is a chance

But I am not so naive
No longer trapped in what you conceive
Instead I cry
For all you know is the lie
And truth
No matter how sharp
Cannot cut you free
From the honeycomb cage
You call freedom

Within the circle of arms

Give me your mouth
So full of promise and blood
Pain dancing on silent tongue

Give me your hand
So full of strength and softness
Life beating in the feel of your wrist

Give me your body
So full of wicked and blessed
Pleasure burning through veins

Give me your mind
So full of fear and loss
Safe measure found at last

Give me your heart
So full of love and dark
You are, at last, home