Streams burst and bloom and fall

How can I feel as if I know exactly who I am and still feel completely lost
In one moment
Like I stand astride mountains
Seeing with my heart entire
Seeing the wind blow and knowing exactly how it will feel against my skin the split second before contact

And in others
Like hope was a flame that instead of burning out
Was quenched too soon and instead of ashes awaiting rebirth
We have a sodden mess of maybe and might haves

In moments
I unfurl
Like a puzzle box
Panels opening
Revealing concealed truths
Exposed and unabashed

And others
I fall wings clipped
Yearning for the crash that ends it all

What I want
Is not destined for my arms

And tears fall as blood
From the broken places
From the memory of
When I soared
From those moments
When we were possible

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