Book Hangover: Eric Ugland: The Good Guys series

I have been in book hangover mode for the last 4 days due to reading a book series by Eric Ugland. It’s The Good Guys series and I’m on book 10.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series and I find it a shame that the author seems to be publishing these without a publishing house backing him. They are excellent and fully deserve the wider reach a publishing house can give.

But like many off genre books, they can’t seem to find a home.

Yes, it’s gamelit. A particular genre which typically involves someone being transported for Earth directly to a different world. In some cases, this is via a brain upload into an AI controlled world or via ultra advanced VR. In this case, it is magic. Our protagonist takes a one time only, last minute, get out of a dire situation leap of faith and ends up in a new world. One where character sheets and levels are accepted reality.

This particular series is addictive and well written. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a new genre to get lost in.

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