April problems

Poetry month is basically hollowing me out. Like it does every year. And because I started late it will go into a few days in May. So I’m just blanking on things to write about. I stopped writing about my confusion and pain on a particular subject because it was hurting someone I care about. I have a truly hard time with private. I’m completely open. No off limit topics in my public and private life except in those places where I am bound by personal oaths and legal obligations. So people wanting things private is really hard for me. Because secrets stress me out. I deal for awhile but then there are problems. I’ve had enough secrets that I hate them and I won’t do it. Not for long anyway.

But regardless, I am having real troubles with these last few days.

Plaque colored choices

His screams surface
Feather kisses escaping as quiet words
Giving up on the things he loves
All this time
Left to contemplate the infinite
Looking into the abyss
Too close to the precipice
Feet slipping towards the edge
Remembrances of what was
As the new slips into place
Builds a fresh despair
Living without hope of joy
Giving up
When perceived obsession gives way
And all that was
Is destroyed
Rather than keep
These last minutes
Of life
Contemplating a future
Without a tomorrow

Binary solution set

People forget
They forget what I’ve said
They forget their promises
They forget what they’ve asked of me
What luxury
To live in a world of forget
What decadence
To discard one set of rules for another
It must be nice
To determine that one code no longer works
And to choose another
More convenience than I am capable of
Maybe that is for the best