Give me a good time
A time of rhythm and rime
Past wrongs right
Past lives given fines
Traveling past the barrier of mind
One last trip round the sun
Then I’m gone
Just a spec of dust
Made from stars
Waiting for the wheel of wheels to slow down
Another lifetime
Another chance
Challenge nightmares to a dance
One filled with hope and broken feet
Pains just the memory of being whole
Give me a taste of that sweet beginning
That first rush when power is realized
That first crush when it fails
I miss that blind certainty of youth
Yearn for days perceived as good
The mythic past
The mythic future
One more twist
One more thread
Oh, give me a life well lived

Always and again

A winter wind soothing aches long held
Pains fade in the embrace
Soft words give way
To wine red embraces
Wild, not with the folly of youth
Instead of the knowing
Of self
And each other

Bear down the trials
Gravity’s inevitability

When freed from the hazard
Of expectation
Of what is supposed to be
We may dance

And choose again

4 am thoughts

Love is blind is a false phrase perpetrated by those who only see a relationship from the outside. Who see only the shallow surface and mistake it for the whole.

While this phrase seems to be an indictment of those in love, in fact it is merely a reflection of the observer.

To the observer it seems as if disparate people have joined and they cannot fathom the connection. So with limited understanding they impose their viewpoint. They cannot see the attraction, so they determine that love itself must be blind. Except this is a false image.

Love is not blind. It sees deeply and knows deeply.
So our conclusion must instead be that the observer is admitting to their own incomprehension.

Short phrases, feels like the March of years

It gets harder as time wears on
Pulled forward by obligation rather than desire
Unable to look beyond
To else but quiet

What other than peace could I desire
When fatigue rages through
Devourer of all but itself

Leaving black flame
To trace its way through veins
Last reckless journey
Back to the beginning

Back to the solace of dreams

The rabbit hole is more often metaphor than fact

We can always move forward in a physical way. Getting distance from our hurts by moving away.
By moving jobs, moving relationships.
Sometimes it’s the only option we have.
So it’s ok.
OK to take those out steps to a different life

Sometimes, though, we have the opportunity to move sideways.
Not so much out as through
Through holes in ourselves
In our dreams
Holes others have hollowed out in us
Holes the world has drilled through us

Movement sideways
Movement thru
It fills us up with our passage
It takes such herculean effort to complete such a path
Magic truly, internal and from without
But in the end
That broken journey
Is one of healing
For with the passage of self through these empty spaces
We become whole
At a destination unknowable

Moving forward in the wake of treason

Trump’s actions in office while heinous were in no way done without the complicity of those in Congress. People who, either by cynical manipulation wore the colors of this fascist movement in a bid for power or through genuine passion for an ideology anathema to the ideals of this country, supported and conceded to this presidency all grounds of decency. Who under rule by then Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Decided to stonewall any effort to make the lives of Americans better. To deny safeguards both physical and financial to protect its citizens from a virus that has killed almost 1 in 10 people in these United States. To appoint federal and Supreme Court justices who would lead us into the future instead of miring us in a mythical past.

It is into this atmosphere that our President Elect Joe Biden wants to restore normalcy and cooperation. It is a false hope and the wrong move. You cannot settle with people who hold you in such contempt. Who will use your inability to enforce change to swing the pendulum back to the simmering fascism for the next populist ideologue to take advantage of.

There is no normal to recreate. There is no consensus which can be reached with those who either through cynicism or fanaticism have engaged in support of sedition. Anything less than the denial of these complicit parties will leave the cancer to metastasize. They must be denied their seats. New members must be seated and all activities they have engaged in must be brought to light.

We stand near the maelstrom, just past the lip. We can either forge a new future or try to make peace with those who have no true desire for it and plunge back into the gyre.

Writing tropes I could do without reading again

The only way to protect someone is to give them the freedom to choose. You must give them all the information and trust that their decision will be the right one for them.

You hope that the decision will coincide with yours. But it might not. And that’s ok. It has to be ok.

Taking away someone’s choice by providing narrow or no information is manipulation.

Ignorance is not safety.

It sucks. We want to protect the ones we love. But treating them like a child because it hurts you to take the neccesary steps. Because you think you know better… Takes away their agency. Doing so is a betrayal of their trust.