Retreat to oblivion

Distance spreads us thin
Quiet becomes the perforations
Dripping blood like slow plops
A silent rain

Heartfelt goodnights
Heart emojis
And the too loud rush of blood

No rest for depression
No arms to hold
No eyes to see me

Just this distance
And the soft sound
Of my own breathing

Bittersweet Joy

A tension in the sussura,
Murmurs, Conversations in the quiet
Too low to be heard too loud to be ignored
Proud but not confident

Sing to me of inhibition
Of choices not taken
Chances not chanced and hopes not hoped
Breathe me in your minutes

Borne of the differences,
Joy in the turning
Song threads
Piercing, hollow, hallowed heart

Sing to me of beginnings
Of songs ending
Of the quiet

Sing and in silence
Lost voice
Lost dream in the turning