End of poetry month, 2018

Yesterday was the last day of poetry month for me. I hope you all enjoyed it. I did, indeed, find it easier to write this time around though that may have been more due to my emotional state than the ease that practice brings. In any case, I hope that some pieces were impactful. Thank you, dear readers, you make my work beautiful.

Questions strike deep

I had a whole thing
A thing about truth and honor
But it occurs that
What others see as
Honor and truth are not what
I see

In my heart, as long as I’m honest, I’m truthful
In my heart
as long as I keep my word,
As long as I protect my people,
As long as I adhere to my rules,
I am honorable

There is no outside structure that imposes order on my heart
Only my self
Maybe that’s not what you thought
But it is what I am


not looking to change the world
Just changing myself is enough of a challenge
Just paying for my transgressions is enough
Just looking for a different place to be happy
Just waking up
Just falling in love
Just breaking
Not looking to change the world
Just looking to be
Just looking to sing
Just looking to write
Just want those minutes between
Just dreaming strange dreams
Just supporting my people
Not looking to change the world
But I’m not looking to bow to it either