Want a vacation?

My brain feels empty after poetry month. I am trying to think about what poem to write and can’t figure out what to write. I could force one. I think we’ve all seen that I can do that in the last month. But I don’t wanna. What I really want is to just be for awhile. Just sit and watch the trees. And just drift. Maybe read a little, maybe blast VNV Nation. Hang out. Play some Cards against humanity with friends. Just not think.

Poetry month ~ Fin

Poetry month is thankfully over and what I learned is that 4 poems a day is too many fucking poems. I think 3 a day is the sweet spot. Sometimes 4 was doable and sometimes I was scraping out my brain for anything to write about.

Like anything, it can be taken too far and 4 was immensely difficult. And I don’t know how many of them were actually good.

Anyone want to comment which one they liked most from the month?

Methods of a memory

There is comfort in the everyday
In the routine
If you make yourself aware of the process
If you accept this moment
There is comfort in the whip
In the highs and lows
Mindful isn’t a buzz word
Being fully in the moment makes any moment worth the time spent
My goals are comfort and joy and love.
So when I top, my goals are to get you where you need to be to join me, by my side
Never in front or behind
My partner, my equal
My submissive
Two sides of the same coin

Youth wears a trenchcoat

Kaleidoscope Sky
Wheel and turn
Flashes of not quite right
But wanting to burn
Grab hold the razor wire
Jump the fence
Blood and pain
Writing appeasement
to gods wanting
the attention of the wise
Epistemology and the drunken dreams
Fracture lines
In the deep fault
Of agony and wine
Let me tell you a tale of mine.