What is wanting in the surity of her savage kiss

Some thoughts violate pleasures
Some boil and seethe looking for fertile ground
Waiting to grow flowers which bloom blossoms heavy with blood
Dark ponders
Desire wars with decency
Losing and winning
Who can tell when the lash falls
Split grin
All the horror of imagination
Given freedom
By a Whispered
By the knowledge
Her only limit
How far I’m willing to go

What falls follows

I would die a thousand deaths
If I could hold you in my arms
As I slipped away
I would live a thousand lives
If I could live them by your side
I would fight a thousand battles
If I could keep you from harm
I would watch your back a thousand thousand times
As you fought the battles I could not see

These thoughts as I lay awake dreaming
In this empty bed
In this too quiet room
Without you

The past speaks and shapes

Could be the light but I shine too narrow
only to the few do I burn
all else know me for darkness
bit and piece, all slip shadow
one to hold, one to kiss, one to love
Or arm in arm strike pose
But know me for a thieves lantern
Hooded and focused
Spilling not wide but focused
And each to each
One moment in sorrow and another
Spend joy
Spinning between grace and oblivion
Consumed by swift and sweet
Heart slows
Beats pound and breath comes languid
Hold you tight
But watch you slip free my grasp
These faultlines
Taste terrible freedom
Better to dream
Than live in forever
In your normal life

Refuge for the darkness

If I could be your monster
I’d dance you to the river
that we may both drown
or cadence test and timing bound
slip skin and become one
bound round and round
let devour your mind
slip into dark places
touch the deepest, most lurid desires
I guarantee, I won’t be shocked
keep your course by my side
be us monsters together
dance the moonlight
in blood and abandon


It’s the afternoon
And, as always, this wakes my hunger up
It begins in glances and smiles
Working its way through to my hands
Longing to touch you
My feet, to take me to you.
Works its way to my tongue longing to taste you
My teeth to bite you and mark you as mine
It spreads to my lips longing to press to the soft and hard parts of you
It spreads electric down to my cock
Pulling it upward in defiance of gravity
Until it’s rock hard, pulsing and warm
It longs for your touch
The feel of your hand
The feel of it entering warm dark places of ecstasy and eloquence
Sliding in like completing a circuit of me and you
Trapped in this eternal moment of hunger

Goals for the New Year

The smell of you in my throat
The taste of your orgasm on my tongue
The wet slickness of you slowly drying on my face
The clenched fist of desire in my pelvis
The shaft of me grown stiff and throbbing
The ache of your lips wrapped around me
The pressure and heat of your tongue
The scent of winter rain
The thrumm of us moving in concert
The pain of handcuffs suspended
The ecstatic breathe that slips past the constriction of my hands
The feel of your leash in my pocket
The weight of you in my lap and arms
The sight of you kneeling at my feet
The sound of leather striking skin
All packaged up, running through my head and nerves
When you say

Thoughts on writing about kink

Any time I post something pertaining to kink, I tend to get more kink followers.  And I read their words and I am reminded that I want that too.  Not just the romantic or sensual things but the Dominance and Submissive dance, the pain and pleasure.  I want it both.  The emotional side and the Switch(master predominant) side.  I don’t want to have to choose.  I know that I will, if I must.  But I would rather both.  The reminder is like a building fire with no outlet.  It can make me reckless. Maybe this is a TMI situation, but I’ve never been accused of shying away from brutal self discovery. 


don’t want a friendship
want the flame
always step forward
never step back
always move to
never step away
Only built bridges and yet they all burn
life marked and marred
by the fires we yearned
And one fateful meeting
starts drifting away
Stand on the shore
building bridges
from ash