Wake up

I don’t understand those who allow there lives to interfere with their love’s. Those who don’t spare the time to demonstrate or tell their love’s how beautiful, how precious they are. Why they allow the special state of having someone in their life become something that they take for granted.

Listen to them. Plan little things. Give little things just because. Make your life a celebration. Don’t take out your bad day on them. Be conscious of your actions and choices.

Believe me, it can all be gone in an instant. Everything you meant to do or say, do it now. Say it now. Tomorrow is an illusion. Each day is today.

If you are lucky enough to be with someone you love and, hopefully, like then demonstrate it. Don’t ask if they want help, just help. Be there in the moment with them.

This is the time to wake up. So, WAKE UP.

Bone weary blues-new song

I’m tired of here, I’m tired of new,
just being here, without you near,
it’s all that I know, this pain and bones,
what’s all the point, when you’re never here

And those I have found, a poor substitute, I’m easy to love and easy to lose

I’m weary of life, I’m missing your touch,
though I know I’ve tried, it wasn’t that much,
for all I have loved, they all go away
I’m addicted to life, but I cannot stay

And those that have found, a poor substitute, I’m easy love and easy to lose

I’ve given you up, I’ve lost all my fear,
I’m walking alone, walking on by,
I’m looking for love not like I’ve known,
it’s all that I need and all that I’ve sown,
4beat pause
perhaps it’s too late, my time has since flown

I’m easy to love and easy to use, easy to have and easy to lose

Trouble breathing

So tired and shameless
Unhappy and aimless
This poet is stuck on repeat
Each phrase, mindless
Needing to rhyme
For reasons not mine
Just looking for a bit of the sweet
But too bitter now
Having lost to be found
I’ve long lost the sound
… Of your breathing
These thoughts of mine
In rhythm in rhyme
Can’t stop thinking
It’s the endings that pull me forward
But to what?
to what do I have to look toward
When all I am is without you
Better the end than the begin
Because then
At least I know where I stand
… Without you

Deeper into chaos

The interpretation of fate
bound into the silence of a nightmare
hope waring for control
in winter’s deep embrace
spring dies and with it beginnings beginning
dialect of the moon
made heart beautiful
but devoured in one sitting
where the pain
washes overwhelm
the season of death is upon us
marked on the marquee
headliner passing through
last wind on a becalmed sea
last kiss before the fall
the leap
the choice to make a place between darkness and light
always feeling the pull deeper into the Ravens embrace
simpler to lose the self than to make the hard choices
fly to you and hold you
breathing in the scent of your hair and the thousands of thoughts we never got around to saying
by the time I understood
I was past understanding
interpret the sticks and see the uncertain
a thousand thousand parallel selves cut to ribbons on the rocks
steps of the future
jump subtle and light
it’s all confusion
because confusion is better than sad
I don’t want this ending
I only want you.

Garden without the goddess

I sit in a garden waiting for it’s owner to come back.

She who causes my heart to soar and bleed with her words.

I wait, because this place is hers and someday, she may come back

I wait, because my heart demands I walk in its rows and amidst it’s ripening and look out
over the horizon to see her coming back.

I close my eyes and remember.
Kissed by the sun, blessed by the wind and the lightly falling rain.
I wait.

I’ll keep coming by. Watering the plants. Talking as if you were there. always hoping that I’ll turn around, and you’ll be there.

But I fear, this garden and the words you shout, are all I have left.

Future passes as quickly as past

I am the slaughtered remnants of life’s diminishing. I sing deep and greyscale, shifting sands playing melodies in graveyards. Ash precipitates from a pink sky, made beautiful in chaos’ light . Wracked sobs breaking the too still day.

The pain of remembering a good life made beautiful by the haze of times passage. Furys sound like anguish in unbroken night. Only the hollow future beckons me forward