Deeper into chaos

The interpretation of fate
bound into the silence of a nightmare
hope waring for control
in winter’s deep embrace
spring dies and with it beginnings beginning
dialect of the moon
made heart beautiful
but devoured in one sitting
where the pain
washes overwhelm
the season of death is upon us
marked on the marquee
headliner passing through
last wind on a becalmed sea
last kiss before the fall
the leap
the choice to make a place between darkness and light
always feeling the pull deeper into the Ravens embrace
simpler to lose the self than to make the hard choices
fly to you and hold you
breathing in the scent of your hair and the thousands of thoughts we never got around to saying
by the time I understood
I was past understanding
interpret the sticks and see the uncertain
a thousand thousand parallel selves cut to ribbons on the rocks
steps of the future
jump subtle and light
it’s all confusion
because confusion is better than sad
I don’t want this ending
I only want you.

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