Bone weary blues-new song

I’m tired of here, I’m tired of new,
just being here, without you near,
it’s all that I know, this pain and bones,
what’s all the point, when you’re never here

And those I have found, a poor substitute, I’m easy to love and easy to lose

I’m weary of life, I’m missing your touch,
though I know I’ve tried, it wasn’t that much,
for all I have loved, they all go away
I’m addicted to life, but I cannot stay

And those that have found, a poor substitute, I’m easy love and easy to lose

I’ve given you up, I’ve lost all my fear,
I’m walking alone, walking on by,
I’m looking for love not like I’ve known,
it’s all that I need and all that I’ve sown,
4beat pause
perhaps it’s too late, my time has since flown

I’m easy to love and easy to use, easy to have and easy to lose

The process of “The Long Road”

The long road is a song I’ve been working on for awhile now.  But its interesting, because most of my songs are autobiographical. However, this one isn’t.  This is one that I pieced together from disparate partial lines I wrote during poetry month.  Once I found the voice, the cadence and the rhythm, the lyrics fell into place. I just thought that was interesting, the process I mean.