Candy crinkle bonfire stirs once cold heart

Somber reflection lingers too long
Trailing fingers slender with longing
Through water caught twixt one breathe and the next
Yawn thoughtfully
Pondering skin
Watching in wakeful yearn
Steps distant that still
Too far
Hands move forward toward
But stop ere flesh yields to simple caress
No time like the present
Only place all wrong
…in heart flutter deep resonance
…”With you, all places are right.”
And only conviction keeps
To furtive looks
Soft smiles
With bedroom eyes
see the sleep but not the flame beneath
But I
And you
We but look for a place to burn

Coiled serpent, dance the leash

fingers caress my lips in remembrance
Smooth glide
Cool and warmth
Pressure pushing me to the memory
Night blossoms around
Tongue tingles with the taste of her
Arms remember the curve of back
The boop of nose
Swirl against arms
Lightning storm cascades
Sparking fire
Spine ripples
Yearning for the taste of her
Her eyes alight with stars


It’s the afternoon
And, as always, this wakes my hunger up
It begins in glances and smiles
Working its way through to my hands
Longing to touch you
My feet, to take me to you.
Works its way to my tongue longing to taste you
My teeth to bite you and mark you as mine
It spreads to my lips longing to press to the soft and hard parts of you
It spreads electric down to my cock
Pulling it upward in defiance of gravity
Until it’s rock hard, pulsing and warm
It longs for your touch
The feel of your hand
The feel of it entering warm dark places of ecstasy and eloquence
Sliding in like completing a circuit of me and you
Trapped in this eternal moment of hunger

Sacrosanct ritual

You are a sacrament made holy by debasement
Made glorious by the sweat and ecstasy of your flesh
Made exultant by convolution of your mind
I taste you on my tongue transubstantiated into need and desire
Your kiss becomes my miracle
Your saliva my wine
Stirring my blood to churn
You are my altar,
my goddess,
my saint of desire
Worship with me