Slept too long, woke too early

I say I’m a thing of endings but really I cling to that past like drowning
Like desire
I can’t seem to find an end
Maybe I’m looking to hard
Maybe I’ve never been a catalyst for an end
Others have been breaking and changing me
Mostly by their absence for so long
That when I try to end
Instead I see all the beautiful pieces of bow
And despair
I know theres a beginning
But I’m so tired
I wish I could rest

Goals for the New Year

The smell of you in my throat
The taste of your orgasm on my tongue
The wet slickness of you slowly drying on my face
The clenched fist of desire in my pelvis
The shaft of me grown stiff and throbbing
The ache of your lips wrapped around me
The pressure and heat of your tongue
The scent of winter rain
The thrumm of us moving in concert
The pain of handcuffs suspended
The ecstatic breathe that slips past the constriction of my hands
The feel of your leash in my pocket
The weight of you in my lap and arms
The sight of you kneeling at my feet
The sound of leather striking skin
All packaged up, running through my head and nerves
When you say