Growing up

Be like a plant not an animal. Don’t move on, outgrow the place that was painful. This takes time but allows for the retaining of the past as a foundation for the future. You can never leave something behind that haunts you. It begins to manifest in ways you cannot anticipate. So while running can be a good thing, to keep yourself from further trauma,do not assume that by doing so you somehow have left the self behind. You’ll still need to deal with the effects, don’t keep running. You can never run so fast that what was cannot catch up.

My Miss

I would rather be near you than be far
To be inside you, exploring the world
To feel you around me, to press fingers and tongue
I need to be inside, to share as much space as possible
to feel your heat, for you to feel mine
this need, this desire, to mark you as mine
to demonstrate to the world that you are free
This physical expression is just that
if it is not to be
then I know my thoughts will be curled in your mind
teasing you with the possibility of this life
That there is someone who wants you in ways you can only imagine
who needs you in ways you’ve never dreamed possible
who would delight in your freedom to persue your desires
and help you reach as far as you need to.

Alchymist Rose

Spilt anger smoulder down to ember
cool rain spills
healing, seething, boiling
rekindle blaze
breeze to bonfire
snuffed out to smoke
become the wind
embrace of winter’s love
flurries fall
crystalline coherence shatters
push up and struggle
take breathe
grow heavy and substantial
future’s hope spread light
safe in the eye of the storm

Flush of spring

Heat seeps into my bones and imagine it to be the heat of your body

Your words send electric tingles down my spine and I imagine this as your touch

We are a thing of the mind, desiring the taste of each other’s body

I would hear your voice that I may know the deftness of your tongue.

At all times, in all places, in every imagining, I want you. I promise, you’ll be mine, be treasured and will never be bored.