Flush of spring

Heat seeps into my bones and imagine it to be the heat of your body

Your words send electric tingles down my spine and I imagine this as your touch

We are a thing of the mind, desiring the taste of each other’s body

I would hear your voice that I may know the deftness of your tongue.

At all times, in all places, in every imagining, I want you. I promise, you’ll be mine, be treasured and will never be bored.


When my partner is weak, I am strong.
When strong, I am weak.
I flow like air, like water, seemingly flighty, changeable.
Hard and unknowable, emotional and over sharing.
My strengths are weakness, weakness strength. The surface is moving, but the deep currents pull strongly.
Come, dance in my wake
Or pull even
Dance together, side by side as the world trembles