Red shift echo

I’m on the last train
Heading anywhere but here
Painful memories steep in the bones of this place
Seeking new horizons
New people to call home
Trailing behind
The ghosts who can’t let me sleep
Dawn’s on the horizon
And I’m not there yet
Small towns too quiet
Without your voice to take up the silence
Running away
Instead of running to
Not sure when I’ll get there
But I know I’ll miss you.

Growing up

Be like a plant not an animal. Don’t move on, outgrow the place that was painful. This takes time but allows for the retaining of the past as a foundation for the future. You can never leave something behind that haunts you. It begins to manifest in ways you cannot anticipate. So while running can be a good thing, to keep yourself from further trauma,do not assume that by doing so you somehow have left the self behind. You’ll still need to deal with the effects, don’t keep running. You can never run so fast that what was cannot catch up.