See it in you

In the mind there is little but consternation
Looking for that connotation
Knowing that connection
Lays somewhere between correction and creation
Just a few more steps to compilation
Stepping out to combustion
Need that soft eyed capitulation
Pull me under the cavitation
Don’t give in to convention
Give me a taste of your confection
I’ll be your perfect corruption

A lovers promise

I can inflict upon you such pleasure that lines begin to blur and only your desires dictate which is pain and which is pleasure.
I can make your mind tremble with anticipation of my touch.
With trepidation and luscious full lips.
I can show you a world where only your limits contain you.
Where nothing is forbidden.
Where all pains become pleasures and all sensation serves its truest purpose.
Give me your hand and I will make you mine.
And becoming mine know safety and sin.

Awake, aware, aflame

I wake up at 2 AM most nights. No matter when I go to sleep, BAM, 2AM and I’m awake. It’s not too bad, I suppose. I get time to write. But my mind isn’t drifting to writing lately.

I wake, but my still sleeping brain reaches for you. I’m convinced that not being able to touch you; not being able to bury my face in your neck and smell you. Not being able to kiss your spine and murmur, “Mine.”

Not being able to do that, because you are not here with me, wakes me fully. My mind missing you, my body straining for you.

If I’m being honest, I have this image of you waking next to me, snuggling back into me as I kiss you and we move on to less gentle pursuits as I possess your every nerve ending, until you are floating in pleasures.

Not that we would not have been with each other before sleeping but I wake up with a need for less control and more take what I want.

These are my thoughts lately. 2AM without you.

The forbidden

These little games we say
Bound up
In shadow play

Words caught in mind
Scenes played out
In glances

Scent the air
With raw desire
Hands seconds from each other

Haunt my dreams
Stoke fires higher
Until a glimpse

Spills out
on the page
Wet rush

Sound of leather on skin
The soft crack
A sound stifled
By a bitten lip

Red and ginger
Sitting is the reminder
A void of remember

Just our words on the screen

Slow smile

Face this wild abandon
this hedonistic pledge
this drifting cloud round red
us and dripping sweat
kneel and be mastered as you’ve mastered my heart
playing little games
but it all comes down to us
little pleasure games
bound up in lust
something lurking in the back
this drive
this need
this frozen kiss
lips only ever for you
I’m only ever for you

Psychological imp

For some perverse psychological reason unknown to me whenever one of my relationships ends, I become intensely and nigh continuously turned on. It’s like some gleeful imp in my brain is capering and laughing as the internal tension ratchets up. “Now that you have no outlet,” he barks, “here’s a cauldron full of lust.” My brain is such an asshole.

My Miss

I would rather be near you than be far
To be inside you, exploring the world
To feel you around me, to press fingers and tongue
I need to be inside, to share as much space as possible
to feel your heat, for you to feel mine
this need, this desire, to mark you as mine
to demonstrate to the world that you are free
This physical expression is just that
if it is not to be
then I know my thoughts will be curled in your mind
teasing you with the possibility of this life
That there is someone who wants you in ways you can only imagine
who needs you in ways you’ve never dreamed possible
who would delight in your freedom to persue your desires
and help you reach as far as you need to.

What I see

I want to make love to you in a room full of strangers. I want to show these people that your sensuality cannot be quenched. That you are sex itself and my desire for you burns like plasma. I want you to feel their eyes on you as you orgasm again and again. I want you to see the envy of your pleasure, their eyes flashing as my tongue and hands and cock bring you to climax again and again and again. I want you to see that you are a queen. I want you to see in their eyes, in their lust what I say about you. That my words are all true. That you are sex and lust itself. I ache to burn in your fire.


I would

Take you if I could
Taste you
Touch you
Slip myself inside you
Rub against your pleasure
Drink in your desire
Feel your flesh
Lick your sweet sweat
Nuzzle nipple
Set teeth until I mark you as mine
Push my tongue into your ass

I want nothing more than to while away the days and nights in your pleasure

To spend myself on the altar of your skin
Hear your voice tumbling through my bones

Gods, I need you
Your every desire given voice and made real by my will

Never enough