What’s born in darkness sometimes finds the light

Bathe me in the glimmering dark
A breath
From death

Sing me your praises of fallen nights
A drink
From drowning

Kiss me your kindness
A dance
From waking

These dreams I’ve lost to living
These words rasp out a life
Trouble chase but I’m not running
I’ll wield the blade of strife

Lament of rebirth

All that bleeds
All that bends
In the shadows blend
For last regrets
And times last bet
A heroes welcome lain

Welcome to
The score of souls
That I have bought and paid
Bend down my ear, you fallen shades
And whisper secrets, old

The world spins
The wheel burns
And chains that bind cast free
We in this debt
All past, regret
We forge a newer way

Alchymist Rose

Spilt anger smoulder down to ember
cool rain spills
healing, seething, boiling
rekindle blaze
breeze to bonfire
snuffed out to smoke
become the wind
embrace of winter’s love
flurries fall
crystalline coherence shatters
push up and struggle
take breathe
grow heavy and substantial
future’s hope spread light
safe in the eye of the storm