The wheel turns

So I have a new Submissive. It’s online only at this point. She is an amazing person and new to being a sub. I’m pleased I get to be the one to play with and teach her. Ideally we would do this in person. But needs must. It’s the reason I Have been happy and as a corollary unable to write poetry. I’m working on that and need to be able to by April. Poetry month otherwise know as the Bataan death march of poetry.  A poem a day, plus normal posts.  It was hard as hell last year, lets see how it is this year. I may up it to 2 poems a day since I have been writing so prolifically.  But my sub is amazing. I tried being vanilla for awhile.  I was miserable. She is game for anything and I appreciate that. She is a beautiful creature and I’ll smack the shit out of anyone that says otherwise. My miss, you are mine. And that makes me happy.


We are not friends, we are coworkers. You, Do not get to ask me for favors. That I love you is of no moment. We are not in a relationship. I will not allow my emotional state to influence my behavior. Yes I will protect you from physical harm. I will also offer advice if asked.  I do those things because I need to, not because I’m wrapped around your finger or somehow became a agreeable fellow. Your wording made me feel like you were playing on my emotions and I do not appreciate that. Don’t offer things you are not prepared to give.

Writing poetry

I have not been writing much poetry lately. Basically because my poetry tends to come from a place of darkness and loss. And lately, I’ve been happy. I unboxed my memories of the night that My Morgan died and replayed through the events of that night. I came to the realization that I did everything I could. Took every measure possible. The weight I had been holding onto for 10+ years shifted to acceptance. This burden I had been placing, that I was the cause, that I was at fault fell away. There was a responsible party and it was not me.  Then I met someone interesting, beautiful though I had never seen them. We’ll see where that leads, but like I always say, Only forward.  This is good. These are good things. But it makes it hard to write my brooding poetry.  I’ll need to find another way to operate.

The fire builds

I’m trying to write and thoughts of you slip in. I try to keep writing, but now I’m only asking myself, what are you up to. I’m thinking about what we can do together, what you think, what you’ll say.
The thrum like a plucked string when you call me Sir. How everything falls away, casual conversation and my day. One word and I am laser focused, need and desire building inside like a runaway thermonuclear reaction. The pain of us being so far from each other. I need you.

I’m losing my mind, out of control with desire. Want to throw you down and take you. Animalistic need drives through me like a flood. All controlled by the walls of Sir. Touch you to awaken your fire, burn with me. My dear, my little miss, mine.

Flush of spring

Heat seeps into my bones and imagine it to be the heat of your body

Your words send electric tingles down my spine and I imagine this as your touch

We are a thing of the mind, desiring the taste of each other’s body

I would hear your voice that I may know the deftness of your tongue.

At all times, in all places, in every imagining, I want you. I promise, you’ll be mine, be treasured and will never be bored.

Improvisational flow

I improvise, I don’t plan except in the broadest of strokes. I taste how the moment feels. I ask myself which action do I desire most, which scares me. If an action would hurt someone I care for, I weigh the consequences if I don’t take it. There are many factors. But it’s like a spinning top. You can choose when, where, how much force. You can setup perfectly and it can still go awry. It is always the factor you haven’t planned for, the unknown or the ones out of your control. So perfection is not attainable. But you can learn to improvise. To dance with the flow of the world. At the end of the day, you can only hope that you lived as beautifully, as open, as you could. That your words, your actions touched a life spinning by and made it better.