What do you say…

What do you say when all the words have been said
When the sound of your footsteps walking away seem to echo

What do you say when you are still hopeless, still deeply, deliciously, precariously, in love.

When you tell them every day but only in your head because they are gone but in a maybe temporary way and your heart can’t let go.

What do you say?

Love is a conundrum, a puzzle I can’t solve, a path you cannot walk alone.

Are you so present in my head because of my feelings? Is it metaphysical and our tie is feeding back to me your feelings? Are we just fools? Me for loving, you for silence?

Or am I only allowing the deep river of my feelings to cloud what is real?

This isn’t even close to over

How do I keep myself from saying I want you? From saying, watch silly shows with me and grow warm and safe. From saying, hold my hand and take my breathe away. How do I not say this and still call myself honest? How to say, I miss your voice? Am I obsessed or just in love? Does it count if you don’t love me? Does it matter that I said to tell me to stop if I ever cross the line and you haven’t? I worry that I reveal too much.  Or sometimes not enough, am I safeguarding what may be or merely ducking behind excuse and cowardice? How can how I feel a step away from salvation and damnation, both in equal measure?

Storm the gates

In the spaces you are, I find joy.  Your smile upturned, makes my heart beat faster, and only restraint keeps me from kissing you.

I want you as one cast out who seeks redemption in your heaven.
Even my private sanctuaries are empty without you. I am not unaware of your broken places.  I merely see them as the first flowers of beauty.

My ability to contain myself is coming to a ragged end. I must speak, even in this obscure forum, else lose my heart completely.

The heart loves and the mind has no choice but to follow

What tears and mind do portend
What shallow reckoning
With speed of sorrow do forfend
This essence flickering

As the candle gutters out
Of your guiless sibilance
Do memories of love show rout
False flag fails fair remembrance

Romance dies ere it lived
A tragedy looking back
But heart still loves, still yearns, still bled
So mind must follow though it knows better than to chase it’s lack

Oh, silly heart, with rhyme you seek but Piercing veil with naught to speak
She doesn’t see you, doesn’t want you
It’s time to walk away