Acknowledge the precipice

Bound into darkness by bonds forged long ago
I rise a phoenix bound only by my love and my will
Choosing again and again to serve
To guard
To lead
In this temporary oasis of respite
I gather strength
Healing old wounds long left to fester
With no time allocated to healing
I broke
But now, wounds healed, life reforged
Truths accepted and hopes reignited
I walk forward
While a human life remains to live
A souls journey forward is waiting
And I safeguard a future beyond this mortal world
A future beyond reckoning
As incarnate, I am part blind
But still
I see

What’s in a name

Victoria? I keep hearing that name in my dreams. Usually names don’t stick but Victoria does. And it’s always the same. She is always a lover. And always someone I love. She is demanding and a bit dominant but not my master. We meet clandestinely. She will come by, drop hints to when she will be available and I will go to her. We are passion itself. She is only available for small windows of time, but I know I am her island of normal in a chaotic life. This dream is always set inside another dreamscape. As if even there she is hiding. And each time I wake, my heart literally hurts. Like being ripped away from her by waking is so traumatic that I physically get hurt.

He who walks between

In the darkness
comes a figure
painted in hearts blood
lashed to the past and future
suspended between all that was and all that will be
he watches from the shadows
until events are settled
then coats himself in illusion
and ventures forth
to walk a path between
looking for his love
who’ll travel with him beyond the veil
after a lifetime’s skein
mortality drips from fingertips but never touches soul
it has been pledged to service
and love he’s found in a gods embrace
but mortal heart
he searches for mortal touch
to walk hand in hand
into the space between