What twists, what turns, what burns, what knows

I want you filled with me, consumed by my will, by your shame and pleasure. Knowing that I will take care of you in all the ways you dream about in your dark heart. Knowing that at times I will break you with kindness and love even as I bruise you and blood you as your deep desires twist and beg for. You are mine. Wake every day knowing that you are owned. That you are desired. That there is someone who is willing to burn and be burned in the pyre of you. Do not despair of my kindness. Of my deep well of love. Think not of only the soft and light that I speak of. That of my actions to care for you. Remember, that until you give explicit consent, the beast of me is shackled. But know, it waits, it sees you and we hunger.

Not a minute less than forever

I have not a childish need
Or teenagers lust for you

Your form
Though attractive
Is not what is sought

I’ve see you in meadow
In shade
In dappled drop

Across peaks
Down chasm
In flame and storm

Your head held high
I seek you

Not for a moments pleasure
But for a lifetime of pain

A pain born of minutes in anger or seconds without you

This grasping of nothing
This uncertainty told tale

Say yes
For you,
I’ll bend the world

A journey anew

I have words I want to say
Words of beauty
Words of love
But I want to say them where you are
I want your ears to hear them
I want you to know that I would never harm you
That I don’t leave unless you make me
I’m only uncertain when you don’t know what you want
Tell me I’m yours and I’ll drain oceans
Let all who would hurt you know that they’d be dealing with me as well

I sing silly songs and dance with abandon which is not to say grace, but with joy

I’m looking for you, looking wherever, but make it easy… Look for me too, find me too
Let’s find each other

Let no obstacle or impedement stand in our way.

Song of the day

I went looking for a song for the day, but nothing quite struck the right chord. I’m hopeful but tentative. I’m sure of my heart and desires but unsure about how those are perceived. I want to ask questions but am fearful of what those answers may be. I also was looking for something to uplift a give hope. I also think I’m seeing something but I’ve been wrong before and I don’t want to be wrong about this.

I almost picked Bastille – Flaws, because it speaks to our flaws but it also says that there is a hole in my soul, so close but not right. Maybe you have the right song? Tell me what song you like for the day.

Looking and smiling

I look for you in the face of everyone I meet. I get lost looking for you. They see in my eyes, hope and joy and the question. Is it you? They almost all duck there heads, maybe smile. Am I missing you by not being more direct? But how do you ask, have you danced with me in your dreams? How do you say what is needed for you to know it’s me without sounding insane? Without sounding as I do now. Should sounding insane phase me? I desire to dance in the aisle. Uncaring how I look, because it’s with you.