Bright light spills from the space my heart used to be

Your voice is a deep pool of laughter and bright
I’d spend my days crafting words for you to speak
they create shivers down my spine
And wake desires with but a innocent turn of phrase
Life is but a series of moments strung together by your presence and the undying hope of forever
In this life or I will find you in the next
At last
We belong to each other

Not a minute less than forever

I have not a childish need
Or teenagers lust for you

Your form
Though attractive
Is not what is sought

I’ve see you in meadow
In shade
In dappled drop

Across peaks
Down chasm
In flame and storm

Your head held high
I seek you

Not for a moments pleasure
But for a lifetime of pain

A pain born of minutes in anger or seconds without you

This grasping of nothing
This uncertainty told tale

Say yes
For you,
I’ll bend the world