Songs of the heart hold clear

In the gloom of your smile
Finding shelter in its shade
Fading steps lead to dancing
While acting grave makes one merry
Behind masks of jade and saffron
Cold spices over warm lips
Shelter in my heart
Or be held by my arms
say yes
And though my face will seem impassive
You will know the secret truth of kindness
Of hot blood
Of defense and shelter
Step with me
I can wait

If we wake, let us wake together

I am thirst spent in moments spellbound
Hunger grows without regard
Desirous of your touch
But more your words

Come softly away
Embrace in person
Know words spilled out
For silver truth

Match action
Clasp hands
Know me for truth

You are mine forever
As I am yours
Let us join
and become heirs
to our own Joy

Let what was once buried
Break newly sprung
Come my dear goddess
Let us rejoice

Clasp hands and become whole

Super power? 

I have many geek friends and I get asked the question, “If you could have a super power what would it be?” 

I usually say teleportation, because who wouldn’t want to be able to just go anywhere whenever. But, I was thinking and I think I want this one more, it’s nontraditional but then, so am I. 

I think I want to be able to see an aura around the people who are interested in being with me. Obviously, there would be fluctuations but when I reveal things that matter and you no longer are interested, at least then I’d know. And I’d be able to ask out people without first telling myself that they are going to say no, so in asking, you will have lost nothing. The calculus of being single.

Looking and smiling

I look for you in the face of everyone I meet. I get lost looking for you. They see in my eyes, hope and joy and the question. Is it you? They almost all duck there heads, maybe smile. Am I missing you by not being more direct? But how do you ask, have you danced with me in your dreams? How do you say what is needed for you to know it’s me without sounding insane? Without sounding as I do now. Should sounding insane phase me? I desire to dance in the aisle. Uncaring how I look, because it’s with you.

A story(because you wanted one)

A man wakes up. He wakes up and realizes he is alone. He wakes up and thinks, there is a woman out in the world waking up. She is waking up alone. I wonder if she is waking and thinking these same thoughts. I wonder if she thinks these things and I wonder if she thinks, “I wonder what he’s doing”. This man who is far away.

I wonder these things, because I think these things. And in my hope, I think maybe that we think this, we are less alone. Maybe we’re together despite the distance, despite not knowing each other, despite it all. Because of it all.