How I Brain

I suffer from a malady called situational logic.
Meaning that while prior actions or states may inform present actions or states, I don’t act or think as if those prior actions or states are a fiat accompli. Meaning that each situation must be weighed and judged, and then action taken based on the necessity of the moment. Though, if time permits, with an eye towards the future.

I know it may sound like how everyone acts. But do you? If someone has wronged you in the past are you thinking that they will act in the same way and avoid the encounter or act with hostility?

Because, I don’t. I account for the possible betrayal and color my actions to make use of both past data and current information. Then I take the action that I think will most mitigate the possibility of betrayal coupled with the most beneficial path forward. Even if that means working with that person as if nothing happened in the past.

And what does that mean when making judgments based on larger entities? It means that while I see the larger actions as a body, that individual actions must be assessed and acted upon by information on the individual level while being aware of the possible consequences of the individual actions.

Meaning that my method is based in logic but heavily reliant on intuition for live situations. “Intuition being the ability to discern fact from the vapor of nuance.” paraphrase (Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash)

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