Brief rant on miscommunication as trope

Why is it that the miscommunication trope in every damn comedy, romantic or otherwise, is seen as funny? As if most people are not just as un observant and would not havr similar issues.

Instead we are asked to laugh at these poor fools who make assumption after assumption. It infuriates me. Especially when it’s romantic in nature. What exactly is so hard about being honest? Just ask the question!! A moment, perhaps, of looking foolish will solve hours and days of being uncertain.

Are we so self conscious that we can’t bear to seem less than in total control? I’ll tell you right now that being in total control means acknowledging when you have incomplete information and persuing knowledge to fill in those blanks. Ego is worthless in such an endeavor.

Are we so scared of looking weak that we would rather bumble around waiting for someone to provide us with the exact information we need?
Unless, you are in a situation where you must pretend to knowledge you don’t have, keeping silent isn’t going to help.

You may need to be selective in who you ask. But on a romantic context, of you can’t ask your partner then you have larger issues of which miscommunication plays only a part of.

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