Rambling thoughts on healing

The thought that we must save ourselves is the bitterest, most hurtful lie. We must be willing to work towards our own bright future this is true. But that we must do it alone, that we must depend on no one, that others must not act on our behalf, must not shoulder part of the burden, must not love. That is base falseness. It is a lie we embrace because our pain tells us it is true. And like all good lies, it has the ring of truth to one who’s hearing is distorted.

We believe it because we are wounded animals, bitten by those who came all false caring before. Who hurt and took and broke and wrought. So when another comes, and wears the face we think we know, we tell ourselves “not now. Not yet. I need to heal before I can try, I can’t let others close, I must heal on my own.” But is this prudence or fear? A little fear is wise, a bit of caution warranted. But hide away and wait as if some point will make you less broken.

I tell you a truth now. Perhaps it is merely my truth, perhaps it is more. The truth is, you will never fully heal on your own. You don’t see all of the places you are broken. You can’t know all of the pieces that are missing and you cannot build without materials that are not found within.
Someone must help. Don’t follow fears council for too long; don’t allow yourself the luxury of building walls. Do not trap yourself. Healing is ever so much harder than we think.

And alone? It’s a long, impossible road. One you may never see the end of. Nor beginning of a new one.

The things that I am

A poet spilling light and heartsblood onto the page
Distilling down to a few simple words

And just this one thing more
A writer spinning dreams and realities
Bringing people we’ll never meet to life

And just this one thing more
A troubleshooter, solving puzzles
Setting things back on course

And just this one thing more
A musician, writing and singing
Reaching out to those moved by sound

And just this one thing more
A pagan, dancing with the storm
Sitting at the howling center
Soaked by the rain

And just this one thing more
A teacher, guiding when asked
Sharing everything I’ve been and learned

And just this one thing more

I am yours.