Awake, aware, aflame

I wake up at 2 AM most nights. No matter when I go to sleep, BAM, 2AM and I’m awake. It’s not too bad, I suppose. I get time to write. But my mind isn’t drifting to writing lately.

I wake, but my still sleeping brain reaches for you. I’m convinced that not being able to touch you; not being able to bury my face in your neck and smell you. Not being able to kiss your spine and murmur, “Mine.”

Not being able to do that, because you are not here with me, wakes me fully. My mind missing you, my body straining for you.

If I’m being honest, I have this image of you waking next to me, snuggling back into me as I kiss you and we move on to less gentle pursuits as I possess your every nerve ending, until you are floating in pleasures.

Not that we would not have been with each other before sleeping but I wake up with a need for less control and more take what I want.

These are my thoughts lately. 2AM without you.

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