How I begin

every sigh, groan, yip, shudder is my prize
fingers inside you, exploring the velvet wet,
my muscular tongue spelling out pleasures, bucking,
contracting around the fingers of my dancing hand,
just the start,
one orgasm merely tells where your nerves best crave,
know every inch of you before the night is done
every vanilla variety
for then the pleasure can really begin.

Come on hot, to leave you cold

Will you endure the horrible weight of my attention
Come on hot, to leave you cold
My worries fraught with tension

I am Lenny and you the bunny
Perhaps it’s best to run. 

My insecurities writ in permanence
My words are bound to creep.
I need an unsend button for my life.
Look past it all in patience, I implore
I’m not good at this