I’ve been Bereft of words
Straddling fences like sitting on an elephant
Stretched thin by words
Skin taught and quivering
Near breaking

Words spill from me in other circumstance
But facing the page
Like a white room
Empty of anything but echos

What purpose words when
They are just verse on a page
Can’t be trusted for past transgressions
By people I’m not

Nothing to prove
I’m all out
But they say that too
And sit leering behind false faces
Monsters without honor

No way to prove I’m not them
So I wait
And talk
Knowing all the time
That trust has been broken by so many other people

I’m always too late
By hours
By months
By years

Too late

Music pulses into the shallow echos
burn hallow in bright fire
Lift broken from memory of dawns false hopes
soft touch sinking into dream
free constraint of the drift
first taste of drought in pleasures embrace
the kiss dripping honey
buried in the seeking

Synapse snap

Light shimmers to the beating of my heart
Falling so hard, falling so fast that the crash is like surfacing instead of stopping

Take harsh deep breathes
Feel every receptor, every nerve
Cold and on fire at the same time
Bathe in Quiescence
The semblance of normal

The flirtation that sparks the flame
Only this feeling, being connected, being needed, being loved
Only this feeling gets me moving, my blood pumping
Just to sit around and compose my words to the great expanse

This journey through a sky made full by storm
A heart made full by beating
The shimmers of blood pulsing through eyes

How I handle all relationships

I assess, observe. Always myself, always open, always honest. If I like what I see then I advance. Moving closer to them. Sharing more of myself. Seeking them out more. I only ever move closer. I never pull away. If a relationship breaks and burns it does so at the distance I am from it. I do not seek refuge. I burn as it burns. And broken from it, I do not retreat. I become more. Learn more, be more. And advance. I’ll have my doubts but will always move forward.