Truth, too much perhaps

If you find that my words are alluring or poetical verse turns your head, then know that I am not trying to seduce, not trying to entice, not trying to deceive. These words and phrases are who I am. My words are not empty, not pretty playthings. They are promises and truths. I say the things I say, always telling you truth. You do make my heart beat faster. I do dream of you. Sometimes it’s sex and sometimes we hold each other but you are in my dreams. My mind and heart have no short term plans. You are not a game I’m playing. You are someone worth being with. Worth valueing, worth seeing for who you are now not for who you were.

Snuffed out

She stills my heart with the slightest look
Stirring my blood with a grin
Her words warm and light a fire within
But we are never to be

We danced the flame
The illusion
Only you were ever safe
With each step my heart cut to ribbons
To adorn you in my love

Pull away
Dragging the pieces of me out
Last attempt to get a stay
Execution and the pain
Sadly, better than the emptiness of never was