Softly murmurs whisper

If I am to be shadow, let me also be light
Foundling amongst gravestones
Sorter and sorted
A lost voice wandering

A world not meant for sages
Decried madness
Torrent truth
Wreaks havoc without regard

Bring me to your mouth in hunger
I will sate you
As a thousand souls before have supped
Kindle light in the burning darkness
Know me for the home unsought


Spinning notes hung in vibrant
drink the poison to be free
one last note of the symphony

denote the heart and it’s losses
pitched down into the dust
flat and empty
but rise and gain color
live a life extra ordinary
or choose to not be judged,

a voice is no place for lovers
but love gives voice and winds give solace
as the turning world bounces the hiss and pop
experience no crescendo
no tinkling rush
hurtle forward to the bridge
throwing our locks away
hand each other the keys

Troubled heart

Oh troubled heart
Find love in wings and lies
Burst forth

But spare the song
Loneliness gives counsel most unwise
It drinks from Hope’s well
And says give voice

But experience speaks
Though it sees the road ahead
In treachery born, line by line
It plays the innocent

Oh troubled heart
Cast not your action to inaction
But step forth slowly
The path is long and treacherous

But all journeys worth the pain are