Spinning notes hung in vibrant
drink the poison to be free
one last note of the symphony

denote the heart and it’s losses
pitched down into the dust
flat and empty
but rise and gain color
live a life extra ordinary
or choose to not be judged,

a voice is no place for lovers
but love gives voice and winds give solace
as the turning world bounces the hiss and pop
experience no crescendo
no tinkling rush
hurtle forward to the bridge
throwing our locks away
hand each other the keys

The science of a thing does not make it less

I languish waiting for the sound of your voice
For the words to travel down your spine Down lightning roads
Summon forth tamed gale moving across and through vibrating pillars shaped articulate by agile tongue past lips moving in morphic form.
To vibrate on the air and strike swiftly to my ears, into the auditory canal, shivering small hairs and reverberating eardrum, spur nerve to send signal to my brain where it interprets and hears your angelic, throaty, drinkable voice. Sends impulse down to muscled heart to beat faster and loosen the tightness gathered there in anticipation.  Limbs act to counter the inevitable pull of gravity, torsion on joints and impelled forward to the embrace.

Sound gives

Cacophony gives voice to silence. Gives it wings to fill the empty spaces, it whirls and eddies, sliding into place unbidden, nightmare and night walking hand in hand, simple in the silences. My darling silence in the silver river of dreams. Woken to the rattle, rolling of bones. Dripping from tongue and fingertips pressed deep into flesh, holding on lest the whirl pull you away, my silence. Unbidden I am free, though I cling to you my tempest.  Sugar honeyed silence, taste and tasting. Illusions are the most tempting vices.