Top 5 things I miss about being in a relationship

1. Having someone to talk to who is genuinely interested in what I think.

2. Listening to their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. I live so much in my head that hearing a different thought process is interesting and sexy.

3. Kissing. I could say sex, but I miss kissing more.

4. Reading something or hearing something and reminding myself to share that with them.

5. Waking up with them snuggled up against me and remembering that we chose each other.

Top 5 questions I really want an answer to on a date.

1. What is the worst experience of your life? What is the story of it.

Why: Our experiences shape us and I’m rather a dark cat. If your life has been mostly sunny then there may be some compatibility issues.

2. What experience or experiences have been the best? What makes you feel at peace, happy?

Why: What we see as worthwhile and how we experience beauty is a part of our fundamental selves.

3. Do you like music? What do you like about it?

Why: If you don’t like music then we’re going to have issues. Music is a major part of who I am, I honestly have a hard time relating to someone who doesn’t like music or worse just sees it as background noise.

4. Do you like reading? What do you like about it?

Why: pretty much the same why as 3.

5. What types of art do you like? Why?

Why: Art reveals what we are passionate about.