Summer Rain

Raindrops like imperfections in glass
Looking out to faded grey sky
Light and patches drifting
She sits in the car next to me
Relaxed and leaning back
This woman I never talk to
Sharing this time
Always apart
Lacking even the courage to say hello
Or burst this fantasy that she shares this roof because looking at the sky is worth It
Worth the heat and the distance
She’ll exit her car, I’ll watch her walk away
Listening to summer rain.

Summer heat

The car sits in the desert sun. Windows shut the air takes on a quality not unlike flame. Into this heat, I sit down. Car off, no ac, just silence and heat. The pain of the heat making me aware of the feel of my skin becoming taught. The heat eases the tension out of my body. A tension I am holding onto, even after this forced relaxation. Something only alleviated by you. A word. A picture. And this heat bringing me back around, heartbeat rocking my chest. Air becoming harder, heavier. The butterfly crush of your lips to mine as we plunder each other, tongue finding treasure with each touch. Desire made tangible with the pressure of the heat.