A ballad of lost starlight

There are nights
Bright with purpose
Skies infinite voids dotted with a rage of long dead infernos
The soft crisp air dreams of you dancing as if in melody to the hum of the city
The hush of the world as it slowed and waited
A pause between inhalation
Drunk on the heady spice of a path unfolding
A future without limits
Nights found after the club
Before the cab ride back to your place
Moments in transition where the universe itself is unsure of what’s next
It’s not that these moments happen less
It’s that we aren’t there for them
As the world wears away
And we find ourselves asleep in the middle of splendor

Night grows as summer begins to fade

Say you are the light
But that’s not me
Instead I am the vast infinity of night
The darkness that envelops you from sight that makes it easier to sing at the top of your lungs
While driving somewhere you don’t want to be
The darkness that inspires you to car dance because for a few minutes you are free and alone enough to be yourself
Hiding you from sight of judgment
The night that stretches out its hand and holds you safe in its arms
And in the night we see worlds and stars that promise new worlds
New possibilities
New chances for things to work out
To be different
Nothing against the light but we gave up on each other a long time ago and summer
Much as I love your heat, your light and I broke up a long time ago
We keep in touch like friends from high school
Waving high as we pass by on Facebook
But me, I am at home in the night sky
And the cool dark of infinity
And the soft welcome light of the moon
I know it shines because the sun reflects off her surface but though she hides her face from us
She still chooses to share
And maybe that’s because she knows
The light obscures
Shows us this infinite blue
But night and darkness show the truth
I’ll take a truth over a warm spoken lie
And day of the weak
I’m so happy we get more of you now.

Winter Solstice

Today we Morn.
Today is the last day of Nights Ascendancy.
We morn the return of the sun.
But just as the power of night fades, Winter’s might is unleashed.
Let all this night Tremble,  on this longest night
On this day of Winter
Let the storm’s fury break and in the shattering
let night wake, Let winter Dance
Let Summer cower, for Winter is come!


The darkness begins to fade and with it the fury of winter begins. In sorrow, as it’s lover grows more and more distant until spent and broken spring slinks it’s smarmy way onto the stage. Small moment it basks in flourish then flits away as a child before the full scorn of summer’s matron. This scowling form berate it’s winsome child while in the wings dear autumn waits to step and change the world from unrepentant same to multicolor, this chill of winter’s Herald. Sung voice and winds awakening. Heralds storms destructive desire and winter gains love and strength as Night again swings about in the heart of Winter’s embrace.