Lament of rebirth

All that bleeds
All that bends
In the shadows blend
For last regrets
And times last bet
A heroes welcome lain

Welcome to
The score of souls
That I have bought and paid
Bend down my ear, you fallen shades
And whisper secrets, old

The world spins
The wheel burns
And chains that bind cast free
We in this debt
All past, regret
We forge a newer way

A common prayer for the dying

A common prayer for the dying-translated
(typically spoken on a battlefield or medical tent/area though sometimes an individual will be singled out)

All warriors are welcome (warrior is defined as those with the will to fight, whether the means be physical or mental is irrelevant)
All who sacrifice (to safeguard others, not said but understood) are welcome
All will workers are welcome

In the final moments, as the life fades, choose. Stand with us. Stand Between.

That which is sacred

I’m a dark dream.
I shine in spectrums felt more than seen. Sing with voice deep,
full of pain and promise.
Dance with abandon,
scream to the stars
and drink deeply from the hallows of the world.
I stand sentinel over the broken.
I am the solace of winter silence.
The fury of the storm.
I am the hush of sun’s slow dying.
I send you He Who Walks Between, He Who Watches.
I send you the dream of darkness turning.
The softness of storms ending.
The rush of Springs beginning.
Know this and know you are home