A lover’s waltz

Burn with me and I shall set you free
my love
dance our unfettered dreams in cadence
and in chaos
or spin away and find your freedom
in arms not mine
in hearts not mine
for I am lost and you
are better off on paths well traveled
I am forbidden fruit or perhaps too rare
and left unseen at the crossroads
time is a river
but choose to stay
and I will bend the world to your choosing
shift and bow
tell me if our dance is over


Sand gives way
each step burying deeper
unnoticed until I can no longer move
shivering from the lack
simple steps that would have led me to you
did I have the path
or the faintest knowledge of who you’ll be
always a falter away from discovery
from the last to the beginning
simple acknowledgement of skills forgotten
on this long journey to middle of nowhere
lost on the road to you