A lover’s waltz

Burn with me and I shall set you free
my love
dance our unfettered dreams in cadence
and in chaos
or spin away and find your freedom
in arms not mine
in hearts not mine
for I am lost and you
are better off on paths well traveled
I am forbidden fruit or perhaps too rare
and left unseen at the crossroads
time is a river
but choose to stay
and I will bend the world to your choosing
shift and bow
tell me if our dance is over

Documentation of the spiral

I distance my heart from you because I must. Because you aren’t interested in me. We don’t talk anymore and I know I’m the one who burned that bridge. By my action but I think we got there together. Yet I still love you. The pain when I see you. When we don’t talk. I want to convince myself that it’s just the talk that I want, but that’s a lie. What I want is for that moment we connected, that spark I felt and that connection you said you felt. what I want is for that to come to full fruition. To be a romantic relationship. Which I know is not to be, but I can’t stop loving you. I just don’t think about you in every waking moment, when I receive a message there is no longer that thrill of hope that it’s from you. You are the first in a long time to spin me round. I would have done anything, anything for you. The only thing I wanted was what I gave. Maybe the price was too much for you to pay. Maybe that connection was you just agreeing to get along and not truth. I am foolish enough to hope that you will come to me and ask for another chance. I would give it. I love you.

afternoon’s less hopeful than 3 am

been broken
been battered
but I keep going
keep going
…keep going
but going to what?
what future?
no one to walk this dark road with
nothing waiting for me at the end but a grave and a smile
living for the moment but the moment is faded
nothing holding me here
nothing to tether
my jobs been done, my purpose served
now just an endless litany of lonely days and nights
hustling to fill up the time
until my too healthy body fails me
they say the end is near
but is it ever near enough
negotiated my sentence and got a reprieve
bought and sold but little left to make it worth the time
come nearer to me, oh beautiful death!
kiss me, love me, you’re my last chance.