Kind words

There are those who say to me, “Thank you for the kind words.”

I don’t speak kind words. I give voice to the words my heart requires I speak. Kind words are, “I’m sorry for your loss.” When the speaker has no emotional connection to the person. They are pretty and socially appropriate and are never something I would say. If I wish you to have a good day, then that is my hope for you. If I call you beautiful then I mean that my heart cries out to acknowledge your beauty. My words are not something so small as kind. My written words are my heart and my touch, my love and my kiss. I do not write to be nice, I write because I must. Because to do otherwise is to lie with my heart. Maybe my words are kind. But, it is the least thing they are. I want you to know that.

Ma petite tempĂȘte hivernale

This beauty, this life, this simple song
Give voice, give life, give dance
Touch hands, look eyes, and joyous laugh
Kiss lips, hold tight, sit silent

The day is turning,
the sun, the earth, the bowl of sky
Spin round and round
The heavens in their majesty waltz in order made Chaotic

But down below, in smaller frame, you and I. Hold. Hold on, hold tight, the world spins madly. Embrace.