A release of breathe

Her settles me down
As much as I bring comfort
And I’m needful but scared to
Just waiting for yes, you

Her poetry for me
And I for hers
I’ve learned some caution
Not nearly enough

Our touches are innocent
Excepting the maelstrom of desire that fuels them
Our words hidden
And behind our masks, improperly fitted, flash looks and smiles that burn

We are shadows of dancing flame
Shifting, waiting
For your decision
Made behind the walls
Of your prison

The world ends and begins again

I must come to the conclusion that I am the only constant in my tales of woe. I twist and change month by month but will that ever be enough? I stretch.

My thoughts and beliefs change. But am I judged by them and not my actions? Or are past actions, told and retold. A spectre haunting my future as surely as it stalks my present. Should I stop acting from the heart? Much as doing so would pain me, is it the correct action? Should I be less open, less honest?

I feel like I’ve been traveling this road awhile and each time find myself back at these same crossroads. Marked by discarded bits of myself. Left mouldering on this lonely moon drenched road. Should I pick up one of those pieces? Become what I was and vowed to never be again. Or discard another layer and step forth again?

I wait and dither, hoping I’ll see something that will make the choice evident. Or failing that someone will show me a new path. But I’ve taken so many, maybe the same path can be made new by traveling it with someone? But who would that person be?

Fear is but the first step

To not take chances from fear is to betray yourself. It is not bravery one must act with. Instead one must examine ones fears. Does this action make you afraid? If so does the fear serve its intended purpose and keep you from harming yourself or others? If so then it behooves you to examine the desire to find out the why’s of it. If the fear does not serve you then you must take the action. There will be consequences, there will be fallout. Prepare your mind for that potentiality. Then let it go. Embrace the action as one of beauty. Then step forward.

We live lives sheltered in our fear. Comfortable, safe lives. But ask instead why you live. If you have the life you want, then ignore me. I am joyful in your finding and keeping of it. But if you have not, then ask yourself why not? You are the only constant. The tools available to you are embodied in the choices you make. Accept that the world is chaos. Accept that the only thing you have control over are your choices.

Embrace fear. Embrace consequence. Embrace choice.