A release of breathe

Her settles me down
As much as I bring comfort
And I’m needful but scared to
Just waiting for yes, you

Her poetry for me
And I for hers
I’ve learned some caution
Not nearly enough

Our touches are innocent
Excepting the maelstrom of desire that fuels them
Our words hidden
And behind our masks, improperly fitted, flash looks and smiles that burn

We are shadows of dancing flame
Shifting, waiting
For your decision
Made behind the walls
Of your prison

Down in the funk

I have no thoughts I have not thunk
No feelings I have not felt
And no words I have not written
I’m sitting here in neutral waiting for a push or a pain, or a new, or a kiss
Just something other than the same or the old, I’ve done these things alone
Let me see it with new eyes
Walk with me awhile