Thoughts hazy pulled from a dream

If you died tomorrow, what would you miss? What are the top 10, top 20, top whatever? Before it devolves into food you like, what would you miss? Without social or societal obligation, what is important to you? Because, I can almost guarantee it’s not work. With the exception of a few of us, work holds no more significance than a(hopefully) nonawful way to make enough money to live. Is it family? Is it your lover’s smile? Will you miss music? Your cat? What is really important to you? Where should your focus be while you are alive? Where are your priorities and are you spending the time needed on them? Are your goals iin the bone or are they fleeting priorities of the flesh and blood life you are forced to live? What are we doing here?

One thought on “Thoughts hazy pulled from a dream

  1. TheFeatheredSleep July 21, 2021 / 2:18 pm

    I don’t think we are here for a reason. I think we should make the most of being here which means making the world better not worse and if you can’t do that, at least not worse. I think helping each other, being kind, being loving, all those things justify our existence a little, although as a species we mostly harm the planet thus far, although I am hopeful that will change. I think we can find reasons to value our existence even if the bigger picture wise there are none. Such as love, caring, attachment, friendship, art, beauty, experience, nature. If I was going to die the things I would miss would be few because I wouldn’t know, but if i did know, I don’t think I would miss anything because if I were dead but knew that meant there was an afterlife and that would be my new existence. I suppose I would miss those I love. But not much else. Not to say all is bad in this world but I think we go with the flow. What is really important? Being kind. Being congruent. Being truthful. Love. Laughing. Learning. Empathy. Wow I sound boring! But it would be those. As for Priorities, Goals, well I have met a lot of them already despite not being old. I don’t have them like I used to, I feel I have done what I wanted to, now I’m just trying to do as well as I’m capable of, but not really in a priority sense. I would like to go to Japan. I would like to beat my stomach-illness and my eye-disease, I would like to be healthy. I would like to help others. I would like to be known as having been a good person when I am dead. That’s about it. I don’t fear death, I fear suffering. Mine or others. I don’t fear not existing or no longer being alive, I think life is a continum anyway and I also think the idea of living to 100 is not right for everyone. I’d prefer to live a good life of 80 years than live to 100 and be unable to do anything. i A lot of that is just practical based on the world as it is now. My dream would be that I could live in the countryside, somewhere green or high desert. And have a few people who cared deeply about me and care deeply about them and eat asparagus and have a black cat and vampire books to read and good indie films to watch.

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